Is Your Auto Repair Shop Optimized For Voice Search Commands like “Find Brake Repair Near ME” ? Or, Transmission Repair IN {Your City}? It Should Be.

Voice Search Optimization For Auto Repair Shops

You might think why websites are good for your auto repair shop? Sometimes, people even do not go for websites for their auto repair shops. The reason behind this is people do not think it necessary. Let me tell you about the importance of websites. Billions of people are using the internet nowadays. Whenever they need services, they search on the internet rather than wandering in markets to discover service centers. Now it shall also be understood that how people are voice searching for the services.

How You Can Optimize Your Auto Repair Shop for Voice Search?

  • Some Facts regarding Voice Search:

People are now inclined to voice search rather than typing the words. In 2017 alone, 33 Million Voice Search devices were in use, and they were used. Imagine this much number of people search for auto repair shops, and they do not find yours? That will be a huge mistake. If you haven’t included it in SEO of your website, you better need to include it ASAP. Predictions have disclosed some amazing facts. By 2020, almost 50% more people will be voice searching. Mobile users found Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana really helpful when it comes to voice search. The devices such as Amazon Echo and Google home are also working on voice search. Well, you need to optimize your auto repair shop for a voice search to attract a plethora of customers.


Trying to run a website without proper optimization is equivalent to flying a jet without a runway. Optimization can make or break your auto repair business. A better optimization can rank your website at first pages in search engines. Without it, you do not stand a chance to be in the first pages when people search for businesses like you. People won’t be able to know that you exist on the internet. In these times of smartphones, you need an effective presence on the internet. As mentioned earlier, the voice search is getting more popular among people.

Let me share a few things about how you can optimize your auto repair shop for voice search.


  • You need to know what people are searching for:

A great business is always aware of the customer’s expectations. What they are looking for is always provided at your auto repair shop. The trouble is enabling your business to show what it provides. If this isn’t done properly, customers will choose shops where they can find the required services easily. None of the new customers is going to explore your website for hours. You need to optimize your website in such a way that people find what they are looking for. 80% of mobile users use voice search to find local businesses. And 50% of those people are likely to visit your website on the same day – only if they find what they need. I again emphasize the importance of remaining accurate, to the point and handy.

Google My Business lists are very helpful here. You need to fill all the relevant and Up-to-date data. Your auto repair shop has a phone number, physical address and working hours and much more. Customers will reach you for services only if they can find these easily.



  • Appropriate Keywords for voice search:

Now you are aware of the importance of voice optimization, let me tell you that appropriate keywords play a great role. If you are using the same keywords for text and voice search, remember, it is not a good strategy. Have you ever tried voice searching? Or maybe people near you have used voice search. The query is always in a conversational tone. While the search via typing is not always conversational. Now it is clear that a lot of people use voice search; you need to go for a conversational tone. The search in conversational tone or voice search can extend to 7 or more words. While the text searches can be of three words.
Voice search has exploded. The words “near me” are two of the most important word to optimize – for a local car repair shop. When your customer is broke-down on the side of the road, they are not flipping through radio stations waiting for a car repair commercial. They are picking up their smartphone and saying things like, “Find a mechanic near me” or “closest tow truck near me” etc. Optimizing your business for voice command means pushing your business into voice command platforms like:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Waze
  4. TomTom
  5. Garmin
  6. Magellan
  7. OnStar
  8. Amazon Alexa.


  • Updated FAQs:

People believe that answers to frequently asked questions do not change. The details will remain the same. Do you, too, hold the same view? Let me tell you that you are a bit of wrong here. Yes, the answers to these questions do not remain the same. Sometimes your auto repair shop can add extra services. And the questions can change; the way of asking can change. For example, if the customer is looking for special services from auto repair shops, you can add particular keywords in that question. If the service is not listed on the main page, it will be visible from FAQs. The updated keywords in FAQs should be in a conversational tone. The need to optimize your auto repair shop for voice search should be understood now.


  • Future of Voice Search:

Voice search is being used by millions of people every day. The 2010 estimates suggest that currently there are 1 billion cars in the world. The rest of the vehicles are a separate count. And millions of people are looking for auto repair services. They can be in your area too and voice search auto repair services. Make sure to be at the top of the first pages of search engines. Additionally, the voice search is going to stay and boom. Get your website optimized accordingly.

  • We can make you listen to the voice of your customer.

We understand how much voice optimization is important for the business. You too are aware of the importance to optimize your auto repair shop for voice search. We are capable of making your auto repair business listen to your customer’s voice. You can get your website optimized from us. There is none better than us when it comes to professional services. Our trained staff is capable of enlisting your business in front pages when someone speaks about it. Call us today.




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