Used Car Dealership Marketing

If you’re a used car dealer and want to gain your unfair share of the market, then you are in the right place.

Used Car Dealership Marketing Strategies for 2020 and Beyond


When it comes to used car dealership marketing, I am often asked by car dealers, “What is working right now? Where are you seeing results? So, I thought I would take a moment and expand on that. We are both busy, so let’s just dive in.


Google My Business Listing for Used Car Dealership Marketing


This is the most important business directory listing you will own. If you don’t have a GMB profile, you’re missing out on huge opportunities. Grab this free listing to boost your visibility and ranking in search results. You can create your listing, claim an existing listing. To get started go to

Here’s what you need to do on your GMB profile:

  • Check if your business exists in Google My Business Listings; if so, claim your listing.
  • Create or claim your Google Business listing using the “Get on Google” feature.
  • Provide all of the required information and ensure that everything is correct.
  • Write a captivating keyword description of your business indicating your business offerings.
  • Select the right business category.
  • Create sales and service offers
  • Provide the email address and local phone number. Also, set your location on the map and make sure your address is correct.
  • Upload a professional logo of your business
  • Provide photos of your used car dealership. Both inside and out.
  • Upload photos of your employees.
  • Upload pictures products and services you offer
  • Collect reviews on your profile

The best thing about GMB listing is that it’s one of the free used car dealer advertising ideas. When people want to buy a used or new car, they search for reputed car dealers near them. Google returns relevant search results to them. Search results might include GMB listings at the top of the page.

You can customize your GMB listing to appear in the top search results and you should do it. Having a highly optimized GMB profile significantly impacts your ranking and visibility.

Make sure to update your GMB profile details regularly and expand upon it as much as possible.

We recommend adding new content at least once per month. If you need ideas or want to see what we do to help dealers rank just contact us for an online demo.


Automotive Directory Listings for Car Dealership Marketing

If you’re looking for used car dealer advertising ideas, then consider automotive directories. Online business directories are the best places to advertise your business. That’s where potential car buyers go and find car dealers with the best offers.
You should also list your business on online directories with automotive sections. They offer benefits like authenticity, reputation, and exposure to your business.
Directory listings play an impactful role in improving your ranking on search engines. When you submit your car dealership to an online directory, it adds to your back link profile as well.
When buyers search car dealers on the internet, search results include directories too. If you’re not listed in automotive directories, you are staying behind in competition. Several paid & free business directories and automotive directories are available on the internet. You should list your business on both paid & free directory listings. Make sure you provide all the required details correctly. Try to stay consistent with your details. Use the same information you used on your Google My Business profile.
Besides listing your business in directories, get citations on high-quality websites. You can achieve better ranking, credibility, and reputation. Moreover, your back link profile gets strength as well.

SEO optimize your website for the search term “used cars for sale” (in your city)

If you want high visibility and ranking on search engines, SEO is the right way to go. SEO is one of the most promising methodologies for car dealership marketing.
When you seek high exposure and more leads for selling used cars, you should use SEO effectively. Car dealers sell cars in their cities so your ideal consumers live in your city. You need efficient strategies to target them. Thus, local SEO is one of the best used car dealer advertising ideas. Using the right keywords, you can present your offers to the right audience. Moreover, it lets you target them at the right time and right place.
One way to target them is to use location-specific keywords in your content. Keywords like “used cars for sales + city name” is the best keyword idea you can adopt. When correctly used in your content, search engines see your content highly relevant.
When people are looking to buy a new car or used car, they use the internet to find the best deals around them. Think from the perspective of your client. Try to determine what kind of phrases they’ll use to search for used cars. Location-specific search phrases are ideal ones. They help search engines to search their indexes and find the best car dealers in the relevant area. Hence, you need to use long-tail keywords that target potential car buyers in your city.
You can beat your competitors with the right SEO strategy. Therefore, work with an expert to design the right SEO strategy for your business.
Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Market Place

There are billions of people using Facebook, which makes it the most popular platform. Automotive businesses can advertise or market their business on Facebook. If your business is not on Facebook, you are missing out on incredible opportunities. So, start using it to connect with your target consumers.
If you are looking for car dealership marketing, Facebook is a comprehensive platform. Facebook serves great opportunities to advertise your car dealing business. It lets you build a strong reputation with valuable content. It offers targeted ads, posts, pages, and groups. You can use these features to achieve high-quality results.
One great way Facebook helps automotive businesses through business pages and groups. You can learn a few proven strategies about social media marketing. It will help you build strong relationships. If you want to achieve high-quality engagement, then regularly post.
Facebook Groups are excellent because you can build a very specific audience base. It lets you build a community of individuals with very specific interests.
You can join several Facebook groups that are particularly relevant to your location. To offer your services to the audience in a Facebook Group; first, you need to build your reputation in the group. You can do this by posting very valuable, engaging, and relevant content.
Customers value businesses with a high reputation. Therefore, engage with your audience and collect good reviews on your Facebook page. However, don’t ask for “positive” reviews.
  • Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are great for car dealership marketing. The biggest reason is that Facebook lets you target your ideal consumers. Your Facebook Ads appear on the news feed of your target audience.

Users can interact with your ads; Facebook allows the audience to ‘Like’, ‘Comment’, and ‘Share’ the ads. This way your ads reach more people without spending anything.

Use your Facebook account to connect with your audience. Write informative posts and share automotive news with them.

  • Publish posts regularly

Apart from Facebook Ads, you need to publish high-quality and relevant content regularly. If you rely on Facebook Ads only, the results would dry up as soon as you stop putting money into Facebook Ads. While regular posting builds your reputation as an authentic and reputed card dealership. Consistency is the key to build high-quality engagement. Make sure that you are regular across all social media channels. However, your content should be relevant. 
The more you post, the more engagement you receive on your posts in the form of ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, and ‘Share’
  • Facebook Marketplace for Car Dealership Marketing

If you’re looking for used car dealers advertising ideas, then consider Facebook Marketplace. It’s an incredible platform for auto dealers to find the right buyers. Facebook allows car dealers to push their inventory into the Facebook Marketplace.
Billions of people use Facebook every day. Now, Facebook isn’t only a communication channel, it’s a comprehensive marketplace too. It allows businesses to advertise and market their products. Businesses can get access to thousands of potential buyers.
The best thing about Facebook Marketplace is that it’s a visual marketplace. It lets you upload photos as well. Moreover, the products are listed according to the location of the seller. So buyers can find the nearby seller. It’s a highly useful feature since people prefer to buy cars from nearby dealers. You can upload you used car inventory to connect with your nearby prospects.

Email Marketing for Used Car Dealerships

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective car dealership marketing. For professionals and other adults, email is the preferred form of communication.
Statistics show that automotive dealers who use email marketing are seeing better results. If you’re looking for marketing ideas for small car dealerships, consider email marketing.
Check with your CRM provider and ask about if they have an email marketing platform or contact us for a list of CRM providers that do.
To stay right on-point with your email marketing, follow the below tips.
  • Start with a quality list

Whether it’s your first email or 100th, make sure your email list is genuine. All prospects on the list must be relevant and authentic. Usually, car dealers have email lists with less than 10% correct email addresses. So, if your email marketing efforts fail, it’s because of irrelevant email addresses. Hence, always use original and relevant email lists.
Make sure to make constant updates to your email list. Clear outdated email addresses and switch email providers. If you buy data from a third-party, then make sure you’re buying correct data. Because several providers have lists full of abandoned email addresses, they are useless.
  • Try personalized emails

One concept that is booming in automotive marketing is personalized email marketing. Usually, email lists contain bit and pieces of persons included in the list and more specific information is missing.

It’s a proven concept in human psychology that we prefer personalized messages. When a customer visits your garage or dealership, collect as much information as you can. Collect detailed information including their interests, preferred make & model, and car shape. You can send deals that are most likely to catch their attention. That’s what personalized email marketing is all about.

The more data you have on your prospects, the better you can target them. So, your CRM software should be sophisticated enough to collect detailed information.

  • Create mobile responsive emails

An estimated, 65% of all emails are viewed on mobile devices. Whether your prospects use laptops or mobile phones, your emails should be responsive. If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile devices, it leads to poor user experience. As a result, it offers them a bad experience and you fail to impress a potential buyer.

Don’t be fooled by the notion that your audience will reopen your email on their laptops. Hence, make them mobile responsive. Not only should you optimize your emails for mobile devices  – but test the emails as well. It will determine whether they are responsive or not. Make sure your email templates are responsive across all devices. Whether the recipient opens your email on a laptop or mobile phone, it should open properly.

  • Use marketing automation

After sending emails, you can’t reply to everyone instantly. So you need an efficient solution that could do this job. Marketing automation tools let you streamline the whole process.

Email campaign automation responds to email automatically. You can set trigger-based replies to engage with your recipients. It increases revenue per email. Using email campaign automation, you can set the timer for emails.



Respond to every email


If you send emails but don’t respond to queries, you’re wasting several opportunities. A core principle of any email marketing campaign is to respond to every email. After sending emails to your prospects, be ready to deal with the high influx of responders.

Using a marketing automation tool. you can send triggered based auto-replies to your prospects. Once the conversation starts, you can take over the control. 

SMS Text Marketing for Car Dealership Marketing


Are you searching for used car dealer advertising ideas? SMS Text Marketing is a great idea to generate leads and more sales for your automotive business. The best part about SMS marketing is that you already have everything to start SMS marketing. Whenever a customer visits a dealership for car service, he provides a phone number. Representatives at dealership inform the client that the car is fixed.  The majority of garages and dealerships have an enormous amount of phone numbers. But they don’t know how to use them effectively.
Using sophisticated CRM software, auto dealers can maintain a high-end database of car owners. Collect information like phone number, name, car make & model, car type, and address. Using these details, car dealers can send highly personalized messages.
If you already have a database of phone numbers, you can use it to start your SMS text marketing. You should send personalized and captivating messages to your prospects. It will help you create brand awareness and strong relationships with them. Run SMS marketing campaigns that provide value to your customer. Offer unique deals to your targets, which encourage them to visit your dealership. However, don’t sound pushy with your messages. 
If you’re thinking whether sending marketing texts is lawful or not, then don’t worry. It’s perfectly fine to do this. But, you need to follow some guidelines. You should mention your company name and don’t spam their inboxes. Moreover, you must enable them to opt-out from your marketing texts. Until you follow all these rules, there’s nothing illegal about SMS marketing texts.
  • Benefits

SMS marketing texts offer many benefits. You might be thinking that SMS marketing is an old method. Yes, it is, but personalized messages produce wonderful results. Many people ignore marketing texts. But if you send a personalized message, they are likely to read your message and take the desired action.
Apart from using it as one of the used car dealer advertising ideas, use it to impart valuable knowledge. You can send weekly detailed messages to them addressing a new issue every week. The fact that people like to read valuable tips makes your SMS marketing a worthy idea. You can send useful tips to take care of their vehicle. It can help you build a strong reputation and trust among your audience.

video Ads of your inventory

Instead of going for typical car dealer ads, you should spend your marketing budget the right way. Video advertising is a powerful tool to reach your audience. Today, car buyers take more of their buying journey outside the showroom, car dealers need to do the same.

Today, car dealers are spending more on digital advertising than traditional advertising. When it comes to the automotive business, car buyers prefer video ads over other digital ads. But, video ads need to be engaging, entertaining, and informative. Your videos should be engaging and relevant, ensuring high-quality viewer experience.
The ads should target potential buyers in the right way. If your prospects are looking for Honda Civic and your ads offer them Honda Odyssey, it would be pointless. Moreover, it’s a waste of time & money.
Follow these tips to drive in-market shoppers to your showroom.
  • Bumper ads

Using YouTube, you can access your audience with bumper ads. Instead of using pre-roll ads, use bumper ads because viewers can’t skip them after 2 or 3 seconds. Let’s say consumers are looking for new Honda Accord online. You can target them with your bumper ad featuring insights about the latest features. It will educate them and they’ll either search about them more or visit your dealership. It can bring potential consumers to your dealership for buying Honda Accord.
  • In-display video ads

These ads appear in search results on search engines and videos on YouTube. When users search for something, the platform also shows paid search results.

  • In-stream video ads

You can opt for in-stream video ads to target a specific audience. It lets you target your ideal prospects at the right time and at the right place. Generally, these video ads appear in live-stream and on-demand videos. These are short video ads and play for 5-15 seconds.

You can choose to exclude specific categories where they don’t want to show their ads.

  • Walk around videos

In these pandemic hours, people refrain from going out and prefer online shopping. If you’re searching for used car dealer advertising ideas, then it’s a great option. Create high-quality walk-around videos of your car inventory. Post these videos along with your ads across all platforms.
It will allow potential buyers to get a comprehensive idea of what they can expect from you. So before actually visiting your dealership, they’ll be ready to buy one. One more advantage is that only interested buyers will visit your dealership.

Final Words for Used Car Dealership Marketing


Investing in the right marketing strategies helps to build sustainable car dealership business. Today, the world is moving at a fast pace, and competition is tighter than ever. If you are looking for marketing ideas for small car leaderships, you should use the above ideas.
Being a highly experienced marketing expert, I’ve worked with several automotive dealers. These strategies are the essence of marketing that leads a car dealership to success.
I hope that these marketing and advertising ideas boost your automotive business.


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