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SEO For Auto Repair Shop Marketing: What You Need To Know.

Learn About SEO for auto repair shop marketing

Are you running a car repair business? Are you interested in learning about SEO for car repair shop? If yes, then today I’m here for you to help you boost your business. SEO for auto repair shop marketing is not as challenging as you think. Just read, and learn.

Let’s start! ????

SEO For Auto Repair Shop Marketing: What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and ENGINE is the keyword here because your website is just like a car. On the outside, it can look like a Ferrari but, just like a car, if there is no engine under the hood it’s just going to sit there. Search engine optimization is the engine that drives your website’s results.

When it comes to SEO it’s important to optimize all your pages for what your most valuable automotive service customers are searching for, like, transmission repair, engine repair, etc.

Quick Review What You Will Need For Car Repair Shop SEO

Here are some things you may need to consider for your auto repair shop website:

  • Always choose the fastest website hosting service.
  • Always choose a lightweight theme or website code so that it can load fast.
  • You need to kill all unnecessary scripts from loading.
  • Keyword research is everything. Just analyse what your customers can search regarding your services?
  • Keyword optimisation: URL, title tags, slugs, and of course, Meta descriptions.
  • Try to write a minimum of 500 words per page for the service you offer.
  • DON’T overstuff your keywords.
  • Put accurate contact information. It’s a must!

So now you’ve got an idea what you may need to do for car repair shop SEO. Let’s discuss the essential points of SEO for car repair shop marketing in detail.


SEO For Car Repair Shop Marketing: Research Your Market

You don’t need to go for technicality at the start, just analyse and research your market. See what others are doing in your field. So the best way is, analyse the top 10 competitors on Google search engine and find out their targeted keywords and try to find out their linking strategies.

SEO For Car Repair Shop Marketing:  Select Your Keyword

Before you start doing anything, you need to select your automotive-related keywords. For example, you can try ‘engine oil,’ ‘break oil,’ or maybe ‘auto repair services.’ You can find all related keywords and can create a list. Do you want me to share my trick to extract out all keywords? ????

You can have all the keywords that people can search for. Simply type your business-related keyword in the search bar, like ‘engine oil,’ and put asterisk ‘*’ with that word, you can have a variety of other related keywords in suggestions. However, once you are done with keywords, you need to set up a free Google AdWords account. Here you can get access to free keyword planner tool. However, it allows you research for keywords to see how much traffic those keywords can draw.


There are two types of keywords:

  1. Buying intent
  2. Research intent

Buying intent is those keywords; people search for to purchase something. For instance, auto body online.’ While research intent is those people only want to check suggestions for auto repair to avail services in future.

SEO For Car Repair Shop Marketing:  Optimize Your Keywords

Now you have selected your keywords list. It’s time to optimize keywords for 2 places— of course for ‘Google My Business,’ and ‘Your Automotive Website.’

Google My Business

Google My business is featured in the ‘MAP’ of google local business results. So you need to be there. It gives a quick snapshot of your business. Moreover, it helps you increase your online presence.

However, always make sure your Google My Business is accurate and complete:

  • Verification
  • NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number)
  • Categories (list of services)
  • Description (120 words short description of your business)
  • Hours (when you are available to help with auto repair services)
  • Images (related to your auto repair projects).


Car Repair Shop: Website Optimization

Now you have to optimize your website for getting customers. Your website’s core pages, like homepage and service pages, need to be optimized with buying intent keywords.


For the homepage, the title tag is of utmost importance. It’s like the finish of a car; I said finishing, it’s mean it should be shiny and grabby for others. However, title tag must be of 50-65 characters long. You can follow the format:

  • Auto Repair Shop in {Your City}
  • {Name of Your Shop}
  • Moreover, the meta description describes the summary of your services in 130-150 characters. Moreover, make sure you add your main keyword, like ‘auto repair service.’

Here is the format:

  • {Name of Shop} {Auto body repair} in {Your City}. Call {Phone Number}


Service Pages:

Similarly, for your service pages, you need to focus on the main keywords or relevant keywords. However, you may need to follow the same strategy which I have described for a homepage.

Gather Citations and Links

Now you are all set to rock, just like you fix all the necessary car accessories at right places. It’s time to develop citations and links. However, you need to advertise your automobile services to let people learn about them.


It’s an online directory listing. You put your business name, address and phone number. For convenience, general national directories are and many others.


Similarly, you need the highest rankings to stand alone. It’s very crucial to have inbound links. You need to build relationships with other reputed companies online, just like you do offline with auto repair service providers. Linking is critical!


Garner Reviews

For proven car repair shop SEO, online reviews play an important role in the gameplay. It shows that you have a legitimate business. Although site reviews back your business a lot, Google My Business reviews help you drive your fastest Google rankings boost.

Create Videos

That’s something I really want you to go for. Creating your project videos, for instance, you are repairing engine, or maybe you are fixing brakes, so shoot these professional moments in a camera. However, it helps customers analyse how you work.

Use Fast Hosting

One of the most crucial aspects of SEO for car repair shop marketing is to choose the fastest hosting services for your website. However, downtime is something we can’t afford!



Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

One of the best ways to increase your website’s speed is to use CDN. However, it can often save up to 60% bandwidth and split the number of requests your site makes.

Monitor Your Results

Here is my last advice to you, always monitor your results. Never rely on one type of strategy. Moreover, it’s not necessarily what is working for someone’s automotive business, will work for yours as well. Yeah! ???? So be creative and always research market for new techniques.

I hope this article has given you deep insight into SEO for auto repair shop marketing. Let us know your thoughts!








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