Auto Repair Shop Owner Survey

We asked 100 auto repair shop owners one question.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your business, today?

Here are the top three problems they have shared with us.

We need more customers

We need more service techs

We are too busy

Auto Repair Shop Owners

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We took the input we received and built an automotive repair shop marketing plan that addresses’ ALL three of these problems. (Yes, all three)

 We need more customers. For this problem, we have developed laser-focused mobile ads that can have new customers calling you in as little as 72 hours from the time we launch
 We need more techs. For this problem, we developed a marketing system that can have qualified techs emailing you their resume within 72 hours from the time we launch
 We are TOO busy. This problem, we really dug into, to get to the real pain. And we found that there is a big difference in being “too busy” and being “the right kind of busy.” For this problem, we have developed our 10 over 10 marketing system

So, what is the 10 over 10 marketing strategy? Well, here it is in a nutshell…

For every 100 customers that pull into your service lane, you have your top ten, and you have your bottom ten. Your top ten are your absolute favorite. You love to see them pull in. They are the most rewarding.

Your bottom ten, are your absolute least favorite. The time suckers, the ones that make you feel, “too busy”.  They are the ones costing you more in time and headaches than they are worth. They literally suck the life out of you and your business

What would it mean to you and your business if you could replace your bottom ten with more of your top ten? What if you could do it consistently, every month for 10 months. What would your business look like, ten months from right now?

If you would like to see if our 10 over 10 marketing strategy is a good fit for your business, simply submit a contact form and we will reach out to schedule an initial call.

Auto Repair Shop Owners

We Want To Hear From You